Video Outdoor Panel SZ-nUM


Input Voltage

DC12V ±10%(Power from the monitor)


Connection Wire

4Wires for each flats(Polarity)


Image Device

700TVL (CHRS)1/3”


View Angle

Horizontal:190°,Vertical:55°,Up Level:15°,Down Level: 15°,Left Level: 15°, Right Level


Ambient Temperature

-30◦C To +40◦ C






Persistent against coldest weather (-30 ° c)

Clear voice and applicable to adjust the speaker and microphone in outdoor panel

Call button completely waterproof

Applicable to install in cold, hot and humidity climate

Simple installation

A hinge holder for simple installation

Applicable for both villa and multi apartment system


Contact info

  • Suzuki Corporation PTE LTD 7500A
  • Beach Road #12-314 The Plaza
  • Singapore 199591
  • Phone: +65 - 6333-1555
  • Fax: +65 - 6333-1444

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